Boston Confidential

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Saturday, January 17, 2004

I don't know where to start.
I walked into Dillon's and realized that, as usual, I had gotten there before Tina. I sashayed up to the bar and made a point to sit next to the only other solitary female bar-goer. Strength in numbers!
She wasn't alone for long though. I medium-hottie walked in a few minutes later, scanned the room, and headed her way. He said her name tentatively and she responded by saying his with a big smile. A blind date! Cool. I had about four of these last year myself and always like to spy on others.

As I sat there, listening intently, I couldn’t believe my ears. Earlier in the day I perused Craig list, as is my wont. Under the new “Strictly Platonic” forum, I found this post. Seems a female foreign war correspondent was in town looking for someone to have a drink with. She promised to provide “amusing anecdotes and stimulating conversation” as long as some guy provided the warm body next to her at the bar. Well, here she was! With her new “Strictly Platonic” amigo. A Craigslist success story taking place before my own eyes…

I stole a few glances at this chick as she went on about her time in Pakistan. She was attractive, blonde and wiry. I could totally picture her in a flap jacket, dodging bullets as she and her camera man ran for the cover. Not that she was telling any such story. I could just picture it.

One look at the guy said it all. The typical Boston, late 20’s, three-workouts-away-from-flabby, former captain of his high school football team, now in middle management at Fidelity and living in fear of the next round of layoffs. He’d been full of vim and vigor when they first started to chat but now he looked as though he was having the life sucked out of him. I think I know why.

Some men are insecure enough in their masculinity that they don’t need to have it challenged by some brainy, well-traveled war correspondent for the love of god! I mean, here she is just in town for four days to visit family before getting shipped off to conflict-torn Liberia and he is telling her about how he got into an argument with a fellow Beacon-Hiller who tried to take the parking space that he had shoveled out and marked with the dreaded folding chair. See where I am going with this?

This woman seems great. The perfect dinner guest and traveling companion. Well-spoken, refined, adventurous and friendly. Unless she finds her own Indiana Jones soon, she is going to be alone for a very long time. At least if she plans to live out her years in Boston.