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Friday, January 23, 2004

I have had better days

Sitting in this windowless office, I feel as if the life is being sapped out of me by the fluorescent lights and the incessant droning of the heat vents. No, I am not hungover, I just had my ego bruised.

Let me back up. Last night’s date couldn’t have gone better. We had a lot of laughs, he was a gentleman (a rarity here in Beantown) and it wasn’t one bit awkward. Not bad for two strangers. So, everything is going well and the vodka’s flowing and I hear someone say my name. I turned to see my friend’s ex girlfriend standing there smiling.

This girl is a real peach and I got right up to hug her. We did the usual chicks-who-haven’t-seen-each-other-in-a-while-thing: talking at the same time (I need you number! You look great! How is everything? Cool!). As I am jotting down my number for her, she gives me a sly smile and says, “You didn’t know I was dating X did you? Well, we just broke up”.

X is not her ex-boyfriend. X is someone that I thought was interested in me and then faded out of sight. I never even kissed this guy but I am floored because I introduced them. Then she and my friend broke up. Then X dropped out of site. Now, they have been-there-done-that and I can’t believe it.

I guess to be completely honest with myself, I am jealous. X is not a that great of a catch mind you. He isn’t even that nice and I should be grateful that I didn’t have the “tumultuous”, “disastrous” relationship (her words) with him that she did. I just thought that was going to be my experience to have. Not someone else’s. This makes sense in my chick brain. I am going with this theory to explain my borderline melancholia.