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Monday, January 26, 2004

New week = New attitude

It my pleasure to report that I had a awesome weekend that included the following: three pubs in Harvard Square Friday after work; going home due to the fact that the bars closed, not because the night sucked; one hangover; one makeup demonstration at Sephora (followed by a substantial purchase); a great visit with some friends and their new baby at their new home in Winchester (the dining room and the sitting room combined equal the size of my condo) and one much-needed sixty minute cardio session on Sunday.

So, back to work with fresh perspective on my “friend’s” hiding his new-now-former girlfriend from me. One half of the couple I hung out with yesterday is a psychiatrist who gave me a full, complimentary analysis of the situation (new fact: he called me to “catch up” and had a laundry list of upcoming events he wants to attend with me). From the beginning of his secret affair (I had gone out with him a few times while things were hot and heavy with them and he never mentioned her – that’s a secret!), he intended it to be short-term with her and wanted to keep his options open with me. If you knew what this guy did for a living, it makes perfect sense that he runs his social life as he would a business deal.

Whatever. I am seeing him twice this week after a long hiatus and am looking forward to it. He is good company and I have missed having him around. I am writing this in the hopes that I don’t review it in a few months and think how stupid I was to welcome him back into my social circle. Wouldn’t be the first error in judgement I have ever made!

As an aside, I am loving that the Democratic primary is going on right now. It keeps W off of the front page and consqeutnly, the volume of bile in my throat has been at a year-long low for a few weeks now. Keep up the good work Senator Kerry!