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Monday, November 14, 2005

Crate & Beggars

Just called Crate & Barrel, my favorite retailer (not!) to see if the rug I ordered (and paid for in full last week) is "in" so that I can schedule my the delivery of the rug and the dining room table. Guess what? It isn't.

The saleswoman said the rug was promised "mid-November" and I pointed out that it is the 14th. I was advised to wait for a phone call from the tomorrow. Why oh why does this company have merchandise in the store hat is does not actually have available within a week?? We aren't talking a custom couch here. Just a plain old, 6 x 9 rug. Did they not expect that anyone would actually puchase the rug? Of course the dining room table is in stock but I am not getting htat delivered separately and paying the $60 delivery charge twice. They should be glad that customers are willing to walk to the gauntlet of beggars just to get to their Boylston Street location and bend over backwards but I guess they don't see it that way.

On the subject of the Boyslton Beggar Gauntlet, this week's Boston Courant has the story on the front page. Boston Police are actually encouraging retailers to put ATM's in front of their storefronts as no loitering is allowed within 10 feet of an ATM. If that is the case, I respectfully request that Crate & Barrell, CVS, and Trader Joe's put ATM's out front. All the bars on the strip should as well. Nothing like seeing all the poor tourists, just stepping out for a smoke, being accosted for "spare change!".

On a more positive note: had another great weekend at the Vermont house. My boyfriend planned a horseback trail ride for us and it was just gorgeous. Perfect fall weather and the horses were sweet. The saddles were Western though and now I know why most women prefer riding English and why cowboys walk bow-legged.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Everyone should be eating and drinking at Match

I absolutely love that new place Match on Mass Ave. My girlfriends and I are averaging one visit a week at this point and we have had the same waiter each time (Hi Kevan!)

Last night I had the tuna sashimi burger with wasabi and a side of asparagus and my friend had the lobster burger with a side of spinach. I could eat there every day and already have my next two meals planned there (spinach salad the first time and salmon steak with spinach and risotto cakes the second if you must know!). The sad thing is: our bar tab consistently exceeds our food bill. We have good reason though! The food is cheap-ola while the drink prices are kind of steep. Truth be told; we do drink a lot. Each of us owed $48, tip included last night and we each had three drinks at about $10 a pop so you do the math...Another bonus - even the most unattractive people look good in the glow of the massive electric fireplace in the dining room. Not that any of us needs soft lighting to look good but some folks out there may benefit.

Not so fast W!

Very exciting news: We may not be drilling in the Arctic after all. I am just as shocked as you are but the WSJ tells me:

House GOP leaders agreed last night to strip plans to permit oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and in the offshore continental shelf from a $54 billion budget-cutting measure, probably securing the votes to pass the bill today.

One for the good guys! Here is my favorite quote:

"The move is a blow to President Bush, who has made expanded oil exploration a priority since he took office." Too bad! Sucker!

Coulda' Woulda' Shoulda'

Today's Globe reports that the company behind the little red robot that keeps my floors so spankin' clean is also cleaning up on the NYSE.

Shares of iRobot climbed $2.70 to $26.70 from their opening price of $24. The company and its insiders sold 4.3 million shares on Tuesday, in an initial public offering seen as a test of the appeal of robotics to investors. The company said its share of the offering was about $72 million, and yesterday's trading gave it a market value of $621.8 million.

As I write this, the stock is trading at $34. Why, oh why didn't I buy some yesterday at the IPO? I thought about it. I can still pick up some shares but this is like buying a coat right after the 20% off sale ended...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Nice Try Jen

Tivo caught a snippet of Jennifer Anniston talking to Diane Sawyer about her divorce and refsing to talk about her new role as Vince Vaughn's beard. In the 16 seconds before my boyfriend changed the channel, the-former-Ms.Pitt said something about how the public insists on making her divorce out to be "some soap opera" and mentioned that she still talks to Brad Pitt.

Hellooo! When your movie star husband screws his co-star and the co-star is Angelina Jolie, aka every woman's nightmare, and then you get divorced and he moves in with the pinnacle of female sensuality, that is a soap opera!! And there is no way she is talking to Brad Pitt regularly. Does she really expect us to believe that she psyched when the phone rings and its Brad talking about the funny thing Maddox said and how cute the new African baby is? I call "Bullcrap"!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Civic Duty - Check!

I can relax and enjoy the day as I just got back from the polls. Unfortunately, I had to go all the way to the Fenway to vote as I never did change my voter registration to the Back Bay. But it's all good now and next time I won't have to go any further than the Copley Library - Tres convenient!

When my boyfriend and I decided to cook Thanksgiving Dinner (rather than have both of our mothers cook which I what happened last year) in an effort to prevent having to drive to two different states on the same day as we did last year, I had no idea how collaborative an event this was going to be. Just about everyone has weighed in on my decision to buy an organic, free-range turkey (general consensus - expensive and unecessary. Outcome: buying orgainic free-range turkey) to our announcement that we needed to borrow a turkey baster (general consensus: basting not necesary. Outcome: not basting but rather building turkey foil tent (?)). I called a few supermarkets to put and end to the families's endless speculation about whether or not an organic turkey comes frozen, will they run out of we wait until a few days before the holiday and exactly how much is this free-range turkey going to cost. Outcome; Only Wholefoods has the right turkeys, $1.99 a pound and there should be plenty to go around up until the Big Day. Geez!

Monday, November 07, 2005

You are either with us or against us!

I am so ready for the Pats game tonight. Tom Brady v. “Jesus Christ” Manning (aka, “Son of God”).

By kickoff, I’ll be on my couch, snacks close at hand with a couple of cats, screening my calls and cheering on the hometown team. Anyone who does not also do this is un-American and supports the terrorists.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Another Vidal Sasson Success Story

Must give props to Nicole and Amy at Vidal Sasson for once again working their magic. Just left the salon and feelin' good!

Boston Police Commissioner Kathleen O'Toole was also getting her hair "done" (no details - must protect fellow celebrities's privacy) and quietly took a lot of calls on her cell. She also has aBlackberry that she kept checking and I wish I knew her email address as I would've sent her an email to thank her for being such a great commissioner. "Dear Kathy: I think you are doing a great job and totally blame do-nothing Mayor Tom Menino for our city's high crime rate and lack of adequate numbers of police. Signed, Girl in the Next Chair".

On a somber note, I was troubled to see the picturesque mountain vista in the newspaper today with the caption below: "Senate OK's Drilling in Alaskan Wildlife Refuge". Why does this country have to suck to much sometimes? Hearing news like that is no way to start the otherwise bright and shiny weekend planned in Vermont.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Why is this so bad?

According to the very-reliable Boston Globe, immigration rights groups are railing at Kerry Healy because she suggested children of illegal immigrants attend private colleges rather than get in-state tutition at state schools. What is wrong with this statement? Nothing.

Hey, if you want to advocate for a change to the immigration laws, making it easier to become a legal alien, be my guest. The fact is, the laws exist and the Govenor has to uphold them and Tom Reilly has to enforce them. Black and white issue here, Folks.

On a more serious note, my skin is just falling off my face at an alarming rate. I totally blame this on three-straight days of being subject to the wood burning stove in Vermont. Is this what I can expect all winter? My water consumption rate hit an all time high last weekend at the ski house but all that hydration did not make one bit of difference. We are heading up there again Friday after work so I have to go google: "dry skin hydration winter".

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Vote for Menino as Worst Mayor of Boston

The Boston Herald endorsed Do-Nothing Thomas Menino for Mayor today with this slam on City Councilwoman Maura Hennigan.

I am going to go way out of my way to vote for Maura next week and I think you should too. This city is filthy and crime-ridden and last I heard, Menino was trumpeting his plans to develop the Waterfront area as a reason he should be re-elected.

He needs to hire a new focus group because who gives a rat's ass about the Waterfront? How about less-bomb sniffing dogs at South Station and more cops on the street? How about doing something to control the crazy-beggar-on-every-corner-in-the-Back-Bay trend that makes running errands after work akin to walking around Calcutta (expect our beggars have limbs).

Why not fund an elementary school for those of us who live in the Back Bay and Beacon Hill so that if we can't afford private school, we don't have to move to the suburbs after we start a family? We're taxpayers too, Jerk!

I could go on and on about how I have had my headlights stolen twice because thieves know they'll never come across a cop on Comm Ave unless there is a construction detail and how we were BURGLARIZED at 8 pm because the city has the same No-Cop-In-Sight policy on Marlborough street but actions speak louder than words.

VOTE FOR MAURA ON NOVEMBER 8th! At least she is making the right campaign promises. Menino is just living on another planet at this point.

By any other name...

The crazy thing about this article is, although it happens to be about a country full of religious extremists, I can easily envision it taking place in Alabama. Now that's scary!