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Friday, November 04, 2005

Another Vidal Sasson Success Story

Must give props to Nicole and Amy at Vidal Sasson for once again working their magic. Just left the salon and feelin' good!

Boston Police Commissioner Kathleen O'Toole was also getting her hair "done" (no details - must protect fellow celebrities's privacy) and quietly took a lot of calls on her cell. She also has aBlackberry that she kept checking and I wish I knew her email address as I would've sent her an email to thank her for being such a great commissioner. "Dear Kathy: I think you are doing a great job and totally blame do-nothing Mayor Tom Menino for our city's high crime rate and lack of adequate numbers of police. Signed, Girl in the Next Chair".

On a somber note, I was troubled to see the picturesque mountain vista in the newspaper today with the caption below: "Senate OK's Drilling in Alaskan Wildlife Refuge". Why does this country have to suck to much sometimes? Hearing news like that is no way to start the otherwise bright and shiny weekend planned in Vermont.