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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Civic Duty - Check!

I can relax and enjoy the day as I just got back from the polls. Unfortunately, I had to go all the way to the Fenway to vote as I never did change my voter registration to the Back Bay. But it's all good now and next time I won't have to go any further than the Copley Library - Tres convenient!

When my boyfriend and I decided to cook Thanksgiving Dinner (rather than have both of our mothers cook which I what happened last year) in an effort to prevent having to drive to two different states on the same day as we did last year, I had no idea how collaborative an event this was going to be. Just about everyone has weighed in on my decision to buy an organic, free-range turkey (general consensus - expensive and unecessary. Outcome: buying orgainic free-range turkey) to our announcement that we needed to borrow a turkey baster (general consensus: basting not necesary. Outcome: not basting but rather building turkey foil tent (?)). I called a few supermarkets to put and end to the families's endless speculation about whether or not an organic turkey comes frozen, will they run out of we wait until a few days before the holiday and exactly how much is this free-range turkey going to cost. Outcome; Only Wholefoods has the right turkeys, $1.99 a pound and there should be plenty to go around up until the Big Day. Geez!