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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Everyone should be eating and drinking at Match

I absolutely love that new place Match on Mass Ave. My girlfriends and I are averaging one visit a week at this point and we have had the same waiter each time (Hi Kevan!)

Last night I had the tuna sashimi burger with wasabi and a side of asparagus and my friend had the lobster burger with a side of spinach. I could eat there every day and already have my next two meals planned there (spinach salad the first time and salmon steak with spinach and risotto cakes the second if you must know!). The sad thing is: our bar tab consistently exceeds our food bill. We have good reason though! The food is cheap-ola while the drink prices are kind of steep. Truth be told; we do drink a lot. Each of us owed $48, tip included last night and we each had three drinks at about $10 a pop so you do the math...Another bonus - even the most unattractive people look good in the glow of the massive electric fireplace in the dining room. Not that any of us needs soft lighting to look good but some folks out there may benefit.