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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Nice Try Jen

Tivo caught a snippet of Jennifer Anniston talking to Diane Sawyer about her divorce and refsing to talk about her new role as Vince Vaughn's beard. In the 16 seconds before my boyfriend changed the channel, the-former-Ms.Pitt said something about how the public insists on making her divorce out to be "some soap opera" and mentioned that she still talks to Brad Pitt.

Hellooo! When your movie star husband screws his co-star and the co-star is Angelina Jolie, aka every woman's nightmare, and then you get divorced and he moves in with the pinnacle of female sensuality, that is a soap opera!! And there is no way she is talking to Brad Pitt regularly. Does she really expect us to believe that she psyched when the phone rings and its Brad talking about the funny thing Maddox said and how cute the new African baby is? I call "Bullcrap"!