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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Vote for Menino as Worst Mayor of Boston

The Boston Herald endorsed Do-Nothing Thomas Menino for Mayor today with this slam on City Councilwoman Maura Hennigan.

I am going to go way out of my way to vote for Maura next week and I think you should too. This city is filthy and crime-ridden and last I heard, Menino was trumpeting his plans to develop the Waterfront area as a reason he should be re-elected.

He needs to hire a new focus group because who gives a rat's ass about the Waterfront? How about less-bomb sniffing dogs at South Station and more cops on the street? How about doing something to control the crazy-beggar-on-every-corner-in-the-Back-Bay trend that makes running errands after work akin to walking around Calcutta (expect our beggars have limbs).

Why not fund an elementary school for those of us who live in the Back Bay and Beacon Hill so that if we can't afford private school, we don't have to move to the suburbs after we start a family? We're taxpayers too, Jerk!

I could go on and on about how I have had my headlights stolen twice because thieves know they'll never come across a cop on Comm Ave unless there is a construction detail and how we were BURGLARIZED at 8 pm because the city has the same No-Cop-In-Sight policy on Marlborough street but actions speak louder than words.

VOTE FOR MAURA ON NOVEMBER 8th! At least she is making the right campaign promises. Menino is just living on another planet at this point.