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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Why is this so bad?

According to the very-reliable Boston Globe, immigration rights groups are railing at Kerry Healy because she suggested children of illegal immigrants attend private colleges rather than get in-state tutition at state schools. What is wrong with this statement? Nothing.

Hey, if you want to advocate for a change to the immigration laws, making it easier to become a legal alien, be my guest. The fact is, the laws exist and the Govenor has to uphold them and Tom Reilly has to enforce them. Black and white issue here, Folks.

On a more serious note, my skin is just falling off my face at an alarming rate. I totally blame this on three-straight days of being subject to the wood burning stove in Vermont. Is this what I can expect all winter? My water consumption rate hit an all time high last weekend at the ski house but all that hydration did not make one bit of difference. We are heading up there again Friday after work so I have to go google: "dry skin hydration winter".