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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Should I be worried about this?

So, all I can think about today is going to see Seinfeld tomorrow night at the Wang and, because we could only get single seats, Mr. Wonderful and I are 4 rows apart. Very sad and much of today has been spent dreaming up my fantasy pitch to the usher and other singles who may want to switch. High hopes here!

Last night I had occasion to use my boyfriend's computer to check my email and (this was not planned!) his email happened to be minimized. I clicked on it. And read it. Seems he emailed Amanda Congdon from Rocketboom to see if he can get a tour of the Rocketboom "studio" (which we have both laughed about as we think it's her apt.) when we are in NYC in a few weeks. He has never mentioned this to me. Now, Amanda is a super-cool chick and we are both card-carrying members of Cake and I straighten my hair just like hers so we have a lot in common but what's up with the email? He has a snowball's chance in Hades of every meeting this girl but I am thinking this email thing is taking to too far.

I guess I should just be glad he is not emailing chickies from Match and Yahoo personals. Sad story here: an amazing, beautiful trusting girlfriend of mine just got totally screwed and caught her new guy with another woman. Seems he never took his Match profile down and, after 3 months of dating, she understood why when she saw the girl leaving his apartment. That she had just stayed in the night before. (Vomiting right now) He fessed up and said he did meet the girl off Match a few weeks ago. The worst part? He let her go and wants to pursue the new girl. Maybe that's the best part (for her in the long-run) but the whole thing just stinks.