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Friday, September 29, 2006

Utterly. Totally. Devastated. But Back in Action!

OK - they say bad things happen in 3's and I hope to God it's true because that means I have had my share of crap for 2006. To bring you up to date:

  1. My cat became terminally ill
  2. My boyfriend of 2 years and I broke up when a friend called to say she'd seen his profile on
  3. I lost my job

And that was just in May.

Since that time, my cat has had 2 blood transfusions, I've lost 19 lbs by running and eating right and I've started my own business. Haven't felt this good or looked this amazing in a long time. I was a real rut there and sometimes you need to just lose it all and build things back up to get what one wants. What I want is good health, a steady income and good times. I thought I had everything when I had a boyfriend to ski with every weekend and a high-paying job. Now I truly have it all and I did all on my own. No boss, no guy, no problems.